Types of text for emergent readers

For students with significant reading difficulties, meaningful reading experiences should happen throughout the day and with a variety of texts. Literacy experiences should combine enrichment, transitional, and conventional text types to provide the right support for different skill areas: print conventions, oral language development and phonological awareness.

Enrichment text (E)
Intended to be read to beginning readers to:

•develop language
•build background knowledge
•support learning concepts about text structures
•develop the love of reading!

enrichment text example

Transitional text (T)
Intended to be read with beginning readers to:

•support students in using new skills and strategies
•develop simple word-reading strategies
•increase focus on text

transitional text example

Conventional text (C)
Intended to be read independently by beginning readers to:

•use word recognition and decoding skills
•apply sentence structure knowledge
•develops automaticity and fluency
•introduce new vocabulary (within controlled context)

conventional text