Emerging literacy behaviours checklist

emerging-literacy-checklistThe Emerging Literacy Behaviours Checklist was developed to enable teachers to assess and track progress of students with significant disabilities as they develop emerging literacy skills.

This checklist can be used several times throughout the year to monitor progress, inform instruction and document growth. Use the Observation Notes section to record the learning context and your observations and reflections, including use of scaffolds, assistive technologies or personal communication devices that support this student’s access to literacy.The Emerging Literacy Behaviours Checklist explores the following components of literacy:

A.      Interactions with Books
B.      Engagement in the Act of Reading
C.      Interactions During Literacy Activities
D.     Engagement in Storytelling
E.      Interactions with Symbols/Print
F.       Drawing/Writing and Representing
G.     Alphabet Knowledge
H.     Phonological Awareness