Student and Teacher Created Books

Creating our own books has never been easier! Students who make their own books, or contribute to the creation of a class-made book, feel a sense of ownership and pride. Contributing ideas, content or images makes the books relevant to the student and more likely to be pulled out “over and over” for reading “again and again.” Meaningful repetition is so very important for the students with significant disabilities.

After participating in a webinar, teachers reflected on the importance of authentic writing tasks and the value of student and teacher created books. Below the reflections, please see examples of student and teacher-created books shared by participants.

The student and teacher-created books posted below were created during the 2014-2015 Literacy for All community of practice. All of these books reflect authentic writing tasks and  include social stories, student interests, personal stories and reflections, retellings and informational writing. The examples were compressed and reformatted for the purposes of sharing on the Literacy for All web site. Please click on individual slides to view a larger version!